"As a South Australian owner of a biddy bag I feel unique and special, great bags for great people" - Kate, SA


"Thank you Biddy Ladies for the fun, young, hip creations you make. I love that I have a one of a kind bag" - Yolanda


"I have an organic wonder washer!! i use it every morning in the shower!! i love my nan and your nan's too!!" - Sarah, VIC


"I love my bag - it's so special to have a fashion item that is made with so much time and care put into it" - Lucy, NSW


"I just love my biddy bag and I am sure it won't be long before I get another one" - Haylee, QLD


"I bought two biddy bags (one for me and one for my sister) and I loved them both so much, I couldn't decide which one to give away. I wanted to keep both all to myself!" - Michelle, VIC


"Everything old is new again! As a retro collector who was born in the wrong era it's fantastic to see that knitting is groovy again. I love that such an ancient skill can be relevant today with a little creative flair. And it's the little things that make all the difference, I was so impressed when my new Biddy Bag arrived, the carfeul wrapping, the teapot charm & badge & the story of the creator inside the bag, I only hope I can love my Biddy Bag as much as you do!" - Marika, NSW


"Receiving my biddy bag made my week; I just loved the extra touches that were so unexpected, and it arrived so quickly. My only disappointment was my bag had sold out when I went to buy another one for my sister in law in the UK" - Helen, NSW


"A Biddy is the new black" - Sarah, QLD


"A Wonder Washer Purple 
What a delight 
With a lavender bath bar 
To use every night. 
Just a taste 
Of what is to come
A Biddy Bag next
Just like my Mum's?"
- Pamela, QLD


"I am writing to let everyone know that the Biddy Bags concept (and of course the products them selves) is a wonderful ingenius idea.The products are beautifully hand made and made with a touch of love. If only there were more organisations out there like this one!" - Mel, SA


"You really are very wicked for creating such splendid bags. You see, I fell in love with mine on-line and now I can't bear to be without it even for a single day (much to my other bags' disappointment). It is absolutely sumptuous!! Thank you for your wonderful craftsmanship Jan, I treasure my gorgeous bag" - Deb, WA


"I LOVE biddy bags, they are of such superb quality and they look AMAZING and they are just the right size! I am so glad I stumbled across this website! I am addicted to these bags and have requested one in each colour for my birthday!" - Tammy, QLD